Connection to your Heart

Connection to your Soul

Heart Souls Heart is about helping YOU to discover more about yourself – who you are , what you like to do, how you like to be, what makes your heart sing. Helping you to connect to the Heart of your Soul, to create the life you wish to experience. It is about providing you with the tools to become more aware and help with the huge changes we are all experiencing, as the world and everything in it has, and is changing at such a rapid pace.

Sonia uses sound and sacred geometry, focusing on Reiki, Heart Souls Heart Coaching and Sound to assist on your transformation. She connects through one to one appointments and group training courses. She is based in Letchworth, Peterborough and online.


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Elevate & Inspire

Sonia is a fantastic guide, teacher and faciltitator. She has a beautiful energy and a wonderful gift to connect you with your true essence and soul to experience the peace and love which is available to all of us unconditionally. 

Sonia had a wealth of knowledge and experience and is very authentic and generous in sharing this with others, to help eleveate and inspire.



Elevate & Inspire
Life Coach

Reiki helps all aspects of your life

I did Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Sonia and I loved it. Sonia took time for me, so I was really aware of what I was doing and she showed it so well and really supported me. It really influenced my work as I am a Yoga teacher and Physiotherapist and really helped me feel the energy and helped keep me grounded. 

Sonia explained everything really clearly and individually. I can highly recommend doing Reiki with Sonia because it will really help your personal development but also all aspects of your life.

Reiki helps all aspects of your life

Coaching from Sonia was extremely enlightening

The Heart Souls Heart coaching from Sonia was insightful, extremely healing and enlightening. I found that I was able to easily connect to my higher self.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who would like to connect to themselves and release energy blocks and old habit patterns.



Coaching from Sonia was extremely enlightening
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