Can the outer really reflect the inner? I believe it does…

I have a little thing about lime scale on my tap.  Not I need therapy thing (I don’t think..,).  It’s just something, I like to see sparkling taps.  It kinda goes back to when I worked for a few years in the cleaning industry.  I was in sales and account management and a main part of my job was providing quotes to large commercial clients.  Part of this process was to do a “Recky” – well it was actually called an Inspection/Assessment – but essentially it was assessing the site to see how the current standard of cleaning was and this would determine if extra resources were needed initially to get the place up to scratch (s’cuse the pun).

So the two areas that were most noticeable were the state of the toilets (Lime scale on taps) and the colour of the dust (grey or white) – well do dust another day …

So this kinda left me with a bit of an attention to detail in my own home. So since working in this industry I have needless to say had very shiny taps in my kitchen and bathroom. As I said, its one of my things.

About 6-9 months ago I noticed that lime scale had built up on my bathroom tap and it bothered me.  I tried natural lime scale remover, a few times but it did not go.

So for about 6 months every day when I have a shower or a bath or every time I go into the bathroom, I’d notice the limscale’d bath tap – sometimes consciously but always unconsciously and it bothered me a bit.  I knew all I needed to do was get a knife or a spoon and scrap it off.  Did I – NO!

Now this morning I work up with a cold so feeling a bit sorry for myself had a bath at 6:30 a.m.  And I am laying there and this lime scale is kinda looking at me and I’m thinking about how there is definitely some crud I have let build up in  my life.  I realised for me that was about not being as disciplined about certain things (which really works for me) and not meditating as often as I had before.

How had this happened?  Well I guess like lime scale kinda starts as a smeary tap then a bit of crud around the tap. Then it creeps all around the bottom of the tap, stopping a free flow of water (and we all know how important free flowing water is).  So right away as I’m lying in the bath I knew I had to remove it.  I had a spoon (from my lemon and honey drink) and scrapped it off.

It didn’t take long, maybe 3-5 minutes but boy did I feel better afterwards.  And this inspired me to commit to more structure and meditation (as I had been doing before).

So why not take a real look around your home.  A real good look and see what’s not how you want it to be and reflect on where that may be showing up in your life.  Then change it, clean the house, let go of any objects that you do not love, paint the wall.  Whatever it is and do the same with whatever your house is showing you that perhaps blocking an area of your life.