We are emerging anew…

The channelling below I received a few days ago and had me in tears for about 2 hours. I was guided to share with whoever it may resonate with…

As more light awakens within you individually and collectively so the dark, surfaces, to be seen, heard, smelt and felt. Once your consciousness as a human is aware of this at a profound level within every cell of your being, every fibre of your DNA, so too, will you know in your heart across all space time reality, that which you are not.

That which you have carried for eons of time to be released, to be transformed into the timeline of eternity. You will allow your true essence to come forth and release eons of held dogma, controlled programming and restraints. The circle of light has come around, full spectrum so you can know not only the fullness of your being but the unlimited magnitude of your divinity and your divine purpose here on earth.

At times, this process or more correctly these processes, will feel like a disconnection, an unplugging from all that is. As if you at times, can no longer feel your connection to source, your connection to your Soul.
As if, you are bereft. For indeed you are. For this is the recalibration process that is happening to you.

It is time to finally disconnect from the old paradigms of existence, the old pre-programmed way of being, to allow a new redesigned, reimagined version of yourself to emerge. This is not the caterpillar emerging as a butterfly it is much more profound than this.

This emergence is free flow form in motion.

You will and are existing in a state of pure potentiality. A state of form in motion, solid yet etheric and translucent at the same time. There are currently physical beings on Earth that exist in this state, a few types of plants/trees, a few animal’s and other beings. These you are only coming to know, understand and see now.

Like a chameleon changes colour depending on its surroundings, this is a fraction of what form in motion means. It is multi-dimensional, multi-sensory and multi-faceted.

The expression of which you will come to know and understand. These words are to act as an opener of your consciousness, so you may move forward in grace, love, knowledge and understanding of your current and future pure potentiality existence.