How to work from home…healthily

I have been working from home most of my working life – for over 20 years (even when it wasn’t trendy to do so!). In all differing job roles, from Sales & Marketing, to Project Management to Management Consultancy, Holistic Therapist and now a Soul Coach. And over the years I have learnt a lot differing ways to stay healthy – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was guided to share some of these with you at this moment in time. So here are my “Top Tips…

1. Routine – This is so important as we are creatures of habit, just like animals and all of nature and if you have a (in this case) sudden change to your routine, it could really leave you feeling “a bit lost”. So if you normally would get up at 6/7/8 am to leave to go to work, keep that routine. And the beauty of the extra time you would be travelling, you can create something afresh in your life (do in the mornings and evenings that would normally be travel time). Go for that early morning walk, or cycle, meditate, draw, read, gardening (now the mornings are much lighter). Something that will inspire and uplift you, connect you to your true essence, your Soul.
2. Make a “Work Space” – At one point I had a separate office but as more things were available though my laptop there was no need to have a separate room. So now I use my dining room table or a foldaway table in my lounge that I pop my laptop onto. It does not matter where you choose to work but it needs to be
a. Clean and tidy
b. Away from distractions – so if you have others members of the household around it is essential to be a separate room to be able to work in a productive and peaceful manner
c. Quite time – as noise free as possible
d. Ergonomic as possible – meaning “relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment” in other words, check out where you laptop/desktop is located, the height, where your hands are, when typing etc
3. Take breaks – if you were in a shared work environment you would be popping to get a cuppa, speaking with your colleagues, phone calls, conference calls, face-to-face meetings. You would not be on your computer for the 7 to however many hours you are normally in your place of work. So every 60-90 minutes get away from your screen (many times I have continually worked for 3 to 4 hours non-stop, didn’t even move away from the screen and trust me, it is NOT healthy!). So in your breaks you could, make a cup of tea/coffee/water, go to the loo, pop some washing on, spend 5 to 15 mins meditating/playing with the children/dancing/stretching/moving, getting some fresh air (in your garden of walk or in the street).
4. Eating – Have a proper lunch break away from your computer. Otherwise, you will end up eating while you are still half working and will not be eating properly. You will literally be consuming the energy of your work with your food? Have lunch with your family (or just away from your workspace).
5. Clear your workspace – If you are fortunate to have a separate home office, this is great. But what about if you have to “borrow” some space in an already functioning room such as the dining room/lounge. If you do, make sure there is a space you can store your PC/Laptop and any files you may need easily and to hand. And at the end of your normal working day, make sure you switch the PC/Laptop off. An over stressed and overworked body is not going to help you or your family in any way what so ever – Stress has been linked to most illnesses and it certainly will not help right now to keep you healthy.

And lastly remember to look to enjoy this extra time with your family, this extra space for you, as you are not needing to travel anywhere.

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