Keeping in the flow of creativity

One things for sure, that when we are in creative mode everything flows. We feel good and everyone around us is affected by our “feeling good” vibe.

So how do you move from a place of fear, uncertainty, anxiousness, irritability, feeling low?

Well one way is to look at your day through as a series of “segments”. I happened to pick up one of my favourite books and opened it to a page one evening. It is a book I’ve had, for over ten years and its one I keep going back to. You know, one of those that every time you pick it up, no matter how many times you’ve read it, you find something new.

In “Ask and it is Given” it shows you ways to change how you are feeling through exercises and visualisations.  And the page I opened on Segment Intending really resonated with me.

So bacisally you view each section of your day as a segment, for example, waking up is one, showering, getting dressed, is another, breakfast can be another, you choose what you call a segment. And for each segment you have an intention. It could be being nourished by breakfast, it could be feeling energised by a shower, it could be bringing relaxaton and calm when reading. As you can see the list is endless.
The bit I love best is if, for any reasons your intention didnt quite materialise in a segment of  your day, you get to choose and start again for your next segment, with no judgement, on your last segment…

It really gets you to be conscious, in a fun relaxed way, to more moments in your day.

Intetnion 15.05.20