5th Dimensional Living Live

Join us for a live and interactive event and discover how you can easily let go of the past, get clear on why have been incarnated right now and have the confidence to use your gifts to build a life you love.

Next event date: Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September,  9:30 am – 5 pm

Location: Letchworth, Herts

First 4 people to book will receive their own sacred symbol to accelerate your evolution.

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The Heart Souls Heart is a “phrase” that has been given to a set off 33 Symbols that were channelled as a result of the need for the changing way of living that culminated in the 2012 ending of the cycle.

The Heart Souls Heart refers to us, in being human and our unique position in being both a living breathing organism, as well as an internal soul.

“The Hearts Soul Heart is just an expression or a feeling that is an actual physical energetic aspect of each individual and collective soul. It exists as a vibration within a vibration and transcends time and space”

“The Heart Souls Heart, The vibration of pure unconditional love within a vibration of pure unconditional love”

 The purpose of the symbols is to assist in the process of aligning the physical heart with the soul’s heart and to assist in living in ever increasing states of bliss consciousness.

Discover these newly channelled symbols. Each symbol has a unique resonance and how they affect each of you individually. Learn how to work with these multi-dimensional symbols to cleanse, clear and heal. The symbols work on a multi-dimensional level and have been given for the soul purpose of assisting humanity in transiting into higher level of consciousness and so work on a soul level to manifest whatever you may choose to experience.

The key topics covered will be:-

  • The history of the symbols
  • Basic meanings of 11 symbols
  • Symbol mediations and activations – 11
  • Creating your own symbol
  • Introduction to the Torch