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Channelling is a term or word used to describe information that a person has received. Some people say they are connecting to a specific person or a group of people who have passed away. However for some people this can be off putting especially if this is not in line with your belief systems.
Many channellings have references to words or phrases that are not so common in our language now and are more reminiscent of old English. More About Channelling


Natural healing is a non-invasive complementary treatment that assists the body’s own healing processes and patients’ coping strategies. It is a holistic therapy of proven safety which uses a hands-off or light-touch technique. There are many differing types of (hands on or hand off) healing the most common are Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Pranic Healing. More About Healing

Sound and Vibration

The technical explanation of sound is that it is a pressure disturbance that moves through (what is termed) a medium in the form of mechanical waves. When a force is exerted on an atom, it moves from its rest or equilibrium position and exerts a force on the adjacent particles. These adjacent particles are moved from their rest position and this continues throughout the medium. More About Sound and Vibration

Who are we?

There are four key aspects to each individual – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For us all to be truly happy and content these areas need to be in balance.

The Physical body we are all familiar with and most people have a reasonable understanding of what the body needs to survive and to be healthy:- water, exercise, and a balanced diet of foodstuffs. More About Who we are