Sound Baths

What is Sound?

The technical explanation of sound is that it is a pressure disturbance that moves through (what is termed) a medium in the form of mechanical waves. When a force is exerted on an atom, it moves from its rest or equilibrium position and exerts a force on the adjacent particles. These adjacent particles are moved from their rest position and this continues throughout the medium.
This transfer of energy from one particle to the next is how sound travels through a medium. The words “mechanical wave” are used to describe the distribution of energy through a medium by the transfer of energy from one particle to the next.
Waves of sound energy move outward in all directions from the source. Your vocal chords and the strings on a guitar are both sources which vibrate to produce sound waves. Without energy, there would be no sound.
But sound is so much more than that. Sound is a form of vibration and through science it has been proven that every living and non living thing resonates to a certain vibration. Humans are no more than millions of differing atoms moving at a certain speed, making us appear as solid dense objects. The effects of differing sounds (or vibrations) on our physical body is immense and each person can respond differently to different sounds. The human vibration has been universally proven to respond well to certain sounds and this is why certain music calms the mind such as soothing classical music.
Listed below are some CDs that have very interesting vibrations of sounds:-

  • The Hathors – Tom Kenyan
  • Music for Pets – Margrit Coates
  • Chakra Dancing – Elizabeth Whiter
  • Spirit Visions – Barbara Meiklejohn-free
  • Baka in the forest – Baka women