Sonia Grover


Transformation Coach

Sonia spent over twenty years working as a businesswoman, in such disciplines as Marketing and Project Management.  Working for multi national companies and managing blue chip customers.

In 1998 she had a severe back injury that left her with restricted movement and in constant pain.  Having tried conventional medicine, to varying degrees of success, she turned to holistic medicine.  After visiting a healer for a period of time her back injury healed completely.  As a result of this she decided to follow a path of healing others.   Sonia has a keen interest in animals and teaches and supports various charities in alternative healthcare for animals.

Sonia is a Reiki Master Teacher and has a successful teaching practice both in the UK and in Norway.  She is also qualified in Swedish, Stone and Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and is an advanced Pranic Healer.  She has studied and qualified in many different healing methods including Gaiadon Heart (Master Facilitator), Angelica Reiki (Master Teacher), Reconnective Healer and Sound Healing.

As a result of her back injury and the process of healing this, Sonia found she had abilities to sense, feel and communicate using what some might term extra senses.  She had chosen a path of self-development of these abilities and what she believes is the real understanding of what life is all about.  This is where all her guidance,  channellings, teachings and poetry is born from and the Hearts Souls Heart teachings is a culmination of this.

She has published several articles in medical journals, mainly on the integration of mainstream and alternative healthcare and has self-published A Souls Musing –a book of poetry and channellings.  She now teaches course on Consciousness and Conscious Living through The Heart Souls Heart courses, Sound Harmonisation, The Art of Being, and Animal Healing and offers one to one healing in various forms and runs courses and workshops on personal development.

Her ongoing vision is to be able to help open up people’s hearts to see and understand and live the grandest version of who they already are, through unconditional love.

Her mission is to live in higher and higher states of conscious awareness through unconditional love – she is still on her journey…