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Danny from Hertfordshire, after experiencing a Soul Coaching Session
“Insightful, Healing and Enlightening. I found that I was able to easily connect and to connect to my higher self. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who would like to connect to themselves and release energy block and old habit patterns”

Annette from Peterborough, after experiencing a Sound Harmonisation Session
“Thank you so much Sonia for the Sound Harmonisation Session. I found it really cleansing. It put me into a very deep state of relaxation and I could feel the different sound vibration affecting different parts of my body. I saw a lot of images, colours and pictures which was lovely. The whole experience felt like I was being lifted into a higher vibrational state. It left me feeling light, bright, in balance and at one.”

Jen from Hertfordshire, after experiencing a Soul Coaching Session
“I felt challenged, open and connected. I really enjoyed the interaction, a sense of confirmation and a chance to check in and Sonia’s practical advice. It left me with perspective and clarity”

Kama from Lilley, Bedfordshire after experiencing a Soul Harmonisation Session
“I was luck enough to experience a Sound Harmonisation Session with Sonia from @Awareness thru Sound and Vision… Wow I could feel the energy shifting.  What a gift Sonia has.  After the session I felt I could do anything, that was the gift I was given.  I wonder what your gift will be when you also book a session with Sonia.  I highly recommend this experience.”

Julie Rose from Devon said after attending The Art of Being Course on conscious living
“Sonia’s depth and breadth of knowledge on conscious living is astounding. She is passionate about all aspects of this huge subject – such as healing, meditating, crystals, psychic ability – and is a natural teacher, wanting to share her love and awareness of self-development. As well as being a teacher, Sonia is always prepared to be the student and is constantly searching, questioning and striving to gain new experiences and learning. In her earlier career, Sonia has been a very successful business woman and this brings a professionalism and creativity to her courses. She is an amazing example of ‘living her talk’ and radiates a gentle energy of love, joy and wisdom.”

Konstanze from Germany said after attending The Art of Being Course on conscious living
“Inspiring, Empowering, Generous.”

Sue from Stevenage said after attending The Art of Being Course on conscious living
“My personal favourite was sound therapy, I must say my charkas were zinging after, I know that others too had similar effects. I was on a high for days.
I found Sonia to be a very intuitive teacher seeming to tune into others needs and knowing what was being felt by others as she was conducting the class. She is also extremely supportive, non-judgemental and considerate. She also made the classes fun. I highly recommend Sonia as a teacher, I will certainly be going along to any other courses she may be giving in the future.”

Annette from Welwyn Garden City  said after attending an Animal Healing Course
“Presentation was structured perfectly – and delivery was confident, clear and concise
The exercises were explained fully – and the animal physiology pictorial exercise was fun! and informative.
The practical experience within the day was hands on and productive.
I would recommend this course to other animal lovers who want to develop their abilities in healing /communicating with their animal companions. Those that want to work with animals.”