The Fifth Dimension

This is a term some of you may have heard or some of you may not. Well my understanding of this is this like a new vibration on the Earth and what is available to us all now to experience – if we so wish. (if we do not choose to, then life may appear ever more challenging).
So what does that mean? – Well you may have experienced, like a heightened intuition. You just knew more often, who it was when someone texted or called you. Or you just seem to have more hunches about things happening to you or decisions you need to make. But if someone asks you why, how do you know, you just say, well It just feels right, I just know.

You may have experienced more physical challenges, some with a medical basis and some that cannot be explained (no matter how many times you see the doctor and explain that you are in pain and there has to be something wrong, nothing is showing up). This to me, is us all evolving into a more sophisticated version of who we are, with unconditional love at the core. We can see this, with the abilities animal and children seem to have, the courage and knowing they seem to have at times. And their uncanny ability to just give us a hug or sit on our lap when we are facing something challenging. There are many forms that fifth dimensional living can have and many experiences we are all going through, as part of this transition. Many are common and many are unique, for we are all unique individuals and therefore will have different understandings or feelings, perhaps of what appears to be the same experience.
Sometimes on a physical level, it can be likened to growing pains for children or what most of us have at the start of the teenage years growing into adulthood. I remember being a teenager and knew without absolute certainty (at the time) that no one understood me and certainly not any adults. They just didn’t understand how life was for me and who I was – In fact I do remember telling them, (well I think it was shouting at them actually ), that I was nothing like them and I must be adopted. To which my father loving replied, yes, you are the milkman’s …

So life at the moment for everyone, can at times be very challenging, as this is something humanity has never experienced in this way before. At times, you may feel lost and not understand where all these new feelings are coming from. You may also overwhelmed with everything, as your senses are being heightened and developed. This will mean that everything is being felt more deeply, we are starting to experience and understand what other people are feeling more fully but not necessarily knowing what this is. We may feel this is something, within us and it can get confusing to know what these new feelings are. It is all just part of the process of what I call Fifth Dimensional Living. It is a natural process that is and will happen to all of us, as we evolve.

The key to living in this time is to embrace the new changes, understand how this may be affecting you and be kind and gentle with yourself on all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Check that all these areas in you, are in balance. And if you feel you need support at this time, then do not hesitate to ask for and ensure you receive this. Support can take many forms. For some people this could be eating more healthily, having a massage, doing more or less exercise, listen to what your body is telling you (If you are concerned however about any physical symptoms, always consult a Doctor or Health Professional to get any symptoms checked out first). It may be that you wish to take up a new hobby or walk in nature more often. It may be that you feel some sort of support person can help you, like a counsellor or Coach.

It is however time to tune in and listen to what your body is telling you and embrace this amazing new way of living. For once embraced, life is seen, felt and experienced through a totally different way of being.