Sonia Grover

The Heart Souls Heart Coach

Sonia Grover is an Intuitive Heart Souls Heart Coach.  She supports people to transform their lives and move into deeper levels of happiness, healing and flourishing in this ever changing, ever evolving world, to understand what it means to be living in the Fifth Dimension.

“I’m a teacher at heart. I love to help people connect to their real selves, where all parts of who they are, are connected, fully whole. With this anyone can be or achieve anything and what I love to do, is help show people and let them experience what this feels like and to be able to take this away with them and stay in this integrated vibration.

I work with everyone uniquely, with where they are and where they want to be. Often people do not know where they want to be, so the work I do, helps them discover and create what’s possible, which of course, is unlimited.

When I’m not helping my clients I love to spend my time dancing, meditating, adore travelling and chillaxing with family and friends (with some good food thrown in). Oh and learning and experiencing something new, always great for me. More About Sonia “

Sonia is a Reiki Master Teacher and has a successful teaching practice both in the UK and in Norway.  She has studied and qualified in many different healing methods including Gaiadon Heart (Master Facilitator), Angelic Reiki (Master Teacher), Reconnective Healer and Sound Healing.  She supports and tramsforms through Sound, Sacred Geometry – which includes Reiki & Heart Souls Heart, in Person in Letchworth & Peterbrough and online worldwide.

Heart Souls Heart

The Heart Souls Heart is a phrase that has been given to a set of 33 Symbols that were channelled as a result of the need for the changing way of living that culminated in the 2012 ending of the cycle.

The Heart Souls Heart refers to us, in being human and our unique position in being both a living breathing organism, as well as an eternal Soul. More About Heart Souls Heart