The HeART of Being


Want to feel empowered to be totally in alignment with your true nature?

Do you want to feel that feeling of being totally connected to the flow of life?

To have the ability and tools so you are creating your ideal life from a place of love?

What is the Heart of Being?
The Heart of Being is a way of connecting to your souls heart through your human heart, through 33 sacred geometric symbols called the Heart Souls Heart. It is a holistic therapy, meaning it supports the whole body – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Heart Souls Heart symbols are a proven safety treatment which uses a hands-off or light-touch technique. It is a non-invasive complementary energy vibration, that assists the body’s own healing processes and patients’ coping strategies.
It has been shown to be very beneficial with many ailments, including a number of common chronic diseases as well as terminal illness.
Although healing with sacred geometry (which is what Reiki is as well) may be perceived as a new treatment because of its rising popularity, it is in fact thousands of years old and has been used in several ancient cultures. Hippocrates recognized healing energies and observed that the heat emanating from hands was beneficial. Natural healing is being increasingly accepted within mainstream health care, and many nurses and doctors have been trained in its practice. Healing is currently practiced in the UK in some NHS hospitals and hospices.

How can being attuned to the Heart Souls Heart symbols help me?
The Heart Souls Heart symbols work on helping with your own growth, intuition & awareness and therefor helping transform and heal all aspects of you – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It has a very beautifully calming and relaxing affect when you use or connect with the Heart Souls Heart symbols but also magically as you give this healing to someone – it’s like a win win where both the person giving the healing and the person receiving it, benefit. How amazing is that?.

My Journey with the Heart Souls Heart
“I started to rapidly change and develop in 2010/2011 and I started to notice I was struggling with the deep level of connection and empathy I was feeling. It was as if I wasn’t just picking up what others were feeling, it was like, I was them. I knew this was important not to cut off, so I asked for some help with this “new to me” sense.
Within a short period of time (from 2013 to 2016) I automatically started channelling and receiving information into my consciousness. I was told it was a set of sacred geometric symbols, that could help me and these could also help humanity and anyone it resonated with, to assist through this accelerated process of growth, evolution, ascension or living in the 5th Dimension (whatever terms you wish to use)”
To find out more about Sonia’s journey click here

It was the Heart Souls Heart symbols that gave me my balance back on all levels and so much more. I was shown how to use them to heal myself and get out of that stressed out feeling, to find an inner calm, meditation and calm. Letting go of old ways of being of self-criticism, self-doubt and judgement can and does happen with the Heart Souls Heart symbols.
These life changing symbols help with developing your intuition, your extra senses, giving you the confidence to feel and know by connecting to your heart what direction or decision in your life is for your highest good.

Any time you find yourself criticising, doubting or judging you can empower yourself & create that inner serenity and connect to your intuition to guide you, by using the Heart Souls Heart symbols. That’s what it has done and continues to do for me & I would love teaching you how to do this too.

What is 5th Dimensional Living?
5th Dimensional living is just a description of what we are all going through right now. Some call it ascension, growth, evolution, transformation – It does not matter what name you give it but you will have undoubtedly been aware you (and everything you know) is changing.

What will I learn?
• Learn how to use The Heart Souls Heart as a healing and personal growth system
• Be attuned to 11 of these powerful symbols
• Bring the energy of the 12 Atlantean chakras into your current vibration
• Connect to clear & activate your new 5th Dimensional chakras,
• Understand the history of the Heart Souls Heart and its importance now
• Perform Heart Souls Heart sessions with the intention of addressing all areas of your life
• Learn how to visualize and meditate with the new 5th dimensional chakra energy systems in the body
• Be guided through and learn techniques to help you access your intuition
• Learn how to perform complete Heart Soul Heart Healing sessions on yourself and others
• Explore multiple methods for using the Heart Souls Heart (HSH) energy at a distance (2 level)
• Heal unwanted patterns and learn how to manifest your goals (all levels)
• Practice using the HSH symbols for power, release, transcending time/space and to connect with your insightful self (all levels)
• Receive advanced techniques for developing your intuition and transformation such as psychic surgery, meeting your guides and accessing different levels of consciousness (differing level)
• You will learn and experience the benefits of regular meditation using sound and sacred geometry

Some benefits clients have experienced
• Healing calms and relaxes
• Healing focuses and re-energises
• Healing quietens the mind
• Healing balances the emotions
• Healing strengthens the spirit
• Healing draws out emotional pain
• Healing reduces swelling
• Healing reduces physical pain
• Healing accelerates physical healing
• Healing reduces blood pressure
• Healing changes negative behaviour and attracts positivity
• Healing heightens spiritual awareness
• Healing awakens and heightens the senses
• Healing raises self-confidence and esteem
• Healing enhances the effects of other therapies
• Healing promotes a greater ability to give and receive unconditional love