Reiki Master

Reiki Master

You have already completed a Reiki 2 course and understand the benefits of Reiki at this deeper level.  It does not matter if you were first attuned to Reiki 2 many years ago or even a few months ago, this is you next step in your enlightening journey with Reiki.  It is generally recommend that you leave sometime between your Reiki 2 course and taking Reiki Master.  Everyone is different.  I took about 9 months between my Reiki 2 and Reiki Master (way back in 2002, however things are shifting much quicker now and for many people, Reiki Master can be taken much sooner than this).  I’ve  had clients take several years from Reiki 2 to Reiki Master and one did Reiki 1 right through to Reiki Master in less than three months (although this is an exception and she had been working a lot on her energy for many years so she was able to process the changes easily).  It really depends on how you feel about it.  What feels right for you.

So what is the difference between Reiki 2 and Reiki Master ?

Reiki Master

Reiki 2 is your introduction to Reiki and in itself for many can be a very powerful transforming tool or process.  Reiki Master consists of connecting you to 3 powerful symbols that can be used by you to bring about powerful healing in yourself and others.  It is the Reiki Master level that allows you to charge others for Reiki and to gain the necessary insurance to have this as a profession or calling.

The 3 symbols you learnt Reiki 2 are added to with the fourth adn very powerful Reiki Master symbol.  You will learn how to use all four symbols in new and exctiing ways, to create adn fcailite even deeper levels of change and transformation for yourself and others.  Up until a few years ago the secret symbols were precisely that – secret.  They were committed only to memory by Reiki students and, if they were written down were kept strictly out of view of the uninitiated.

And how can it help me?

Reiki Master for most people is something they feel drawn to do as it is a very deep commitment to self growth and self healing     and beign able to  “super charge” of energy and transformation, opening you to new levels of healing in yourself and others.  Opening up and expanding your intuition and awareness and helping you facilitate change easily.  As you awareness expands so to does your understanding and knowingness of who you are and what you may wish to create of manifest in your life.  And Reiki will support you all the way.

The benefits of Reiki

  • Promotes physical healing & overall well being and can be used for any illness. Pain is often reduced or eliminated & the bodies natural healing process accelerated & supported
  • Heightens your intuition naturally, developing your awareness & intuitive abilities – This is great for helping you make day to day decisions to more life changing events such as a new job, career, relationship or where you live. Reiki opens you up to the realm of intuition, guidance and creativity.
  • Harmony & Balance, emotional well being-Reiki helps you to feel more balanced and calm – and it can do wonders if you are having challenges in relationships. It helps you to relax and allows you to deal with anxiety, depression, and emotional problems
  • Making changes easily (& feeling supported doing it) -“I found the courage and guidance to change my career”, I suddenly found I was eating & drinking healthier, without any effort” are some of the regular things my Reiki clients tell me
  • Animals & Plants respond amazingly to Reiki – So you can use it to help you animal companions or assist your “green fingers”
  • Compliments Allopathic or Conventional Medicine –  Reiki can & is used alongside GP & hospital treatments & is now practised in care homes, hospices & hospitals (NHS now accepts Reiki)
  • Understanding the Universe – Using Reiki (which can be translated as universal or spiritual life force energy) you connect to something beyond what you can grasp with your five senses (I like to call them extra senses. You may call it the universe, God, love, or just energy. In Reiki it is often felt as the light
  • Helping Others – Everyone likes to be able to help someone, it is natural for us all.  So when a family member, a partner, a friend, the neighbours animal is unwell, guess what, you can help.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, I hadn’t realised how transformational Reiki was until I, by chance went to see a Reiki practitioner…

My Story

Reiki Master

When I had a life changing accident, it was Reiki that gave me my health back and so much more. Then I discovered I could learn to do it for myself too, both to heal and get out of that stressed out feeling to find an inner calm, meditation & Reiki self-healing state of calm. Letting go of old ways of being of self-criticism, self-doubt and judgement can and does happen with Reiki. Any time you find yourself criticising, doubting or judging you can empower yourself & create that inner serenity within by using Reiki.  When I did the Reiki Master course it was phenomenal and opened up my intuition to a profound level of awareness and growth.  From this I found I was able (through self-awareness) to start to guide my life and decide how I wanted to create my ideal life.   That’s what it has done and continues to do for me & I would love teaching you how to do this too.

Excited to invite you to a beautiful, 3 day Reiki Master course with me

During the course you will prepare yourself through meditation to receive the Reiki Master Attunements, which permanently open you to the Reiki Master healing energy. After receiving this beautiful energy you will be able to channel this even higher level of healing for your family, friends and even your pets (I also teach animal healing). You can call on this energy at any time in your life, it will remain with you permanently whether you use it every day or just once a year, this energy will become your life-long friend! The more you use it the stronger it will become and be able to work more intuitively.

The following will be shared over this powerful 3 day Reiki Master healing course

Reiki Master
Reiki Master

• Attunements to Reiki Master Level
• Usui Master Symbol
• Empowerment using the Usui Master Symbol
• Advanced Reiki symbol techniques
• History of the Reiki 2 symbols
• Symbol Sentences with Master symbols
• Symbols & the elements
• Active Reiki Meditation
• Manifesting goals with Reiki
• Advanced techniques & meditations for healing
• Healing with the breadth(Gyoshi Ho) & the eyes (Koki Ho)
• Advanced techniques & Meditations for healing
• How to choose and cleanse crystals
• How to charge and programme crystals
• Creating and using a crystal Reiki grid
for continuous healing and empowerment’s for yourself and others
• Psychic Surgery – a powerful technique for removing and dispersing blocks
or negative energy that can lead to physical dis-ease in the body
• Advanced techniques & exercises for grounding, balancing and purifying your
whole self
• Attunement exercise – Hui Yin – self empowerment

Includes your comprehensive Reiki Manual & Reiki Master Certificate

Once you have been attuned to Reiki Master you will experience changes on even deeper levels and with these new experiences comes empowerment bringing about a feeling of greater wholeness, balance and harmony. You may find that alongside your expanding spiritual awareness, often comes changes in your lifestyle, such as a healthier diet, exercise and a more positive outlook.

A greater sense of “self” and deeper levels of compassion, understanding and empathy.  Your intuition will take you to new levels of awareness of all things and a very deep connection to all that is.

This workshop can be attended once a person has obtained Reiki Level 2.

Reiki Master


Catalina, Royston “I love the structure of the course, everything flows and makes total sense.  I absolutely love the channeled meditations Sonia does and the way Sonia always reassures us when we need it.  I would recommend this course to everyone who is ready to move forward and everyone who is committed to “themselves”.  Thank you Soina, I am so honored and I feel so lucky to know you and have been taught by you”.

Vicky, Sufflok “I really enjoyed the strucutre of the course, it was well planned and flowed easily. I loved sharing the 3 days with everyone and found the whole experience enriching, really positive and growing. It was awesome. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to reconnect with their inner/higher self.”

Jane, Cambridge “Fabulous energy from sonia and the group. I found the course really peaceful, re-energising and grounding.  I absolutely love the channeled meditations Sonia does and the way Sonia always reassures us when we need it.  I would recommend this course to everyone who is ready to move forward and everyone who is committed to themselves.”

Sam, Bedford “Sonia is really fun and friendly to learn from and really passionate and knowledgeable about Reiki. If I had to describe the experience in three words it would be fun, informative, family. I would recommend this course to everyone as it can benefit everyone”

Next Course dates  – 3/4/5 Dec 2019 & 17/18/19 January 2020


*discounts if re-taking you are Reiki Master (even if you learnt this from someone else)